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Schlæger, Jesper. 2013. E-Government in China: Technology, power and local government reform. London: Routledge.


Journal articles – peer reviewed

Schlæger, Jesper and Wang, Qian. 2015. ‘The Limits of Planning in China: Equalizing Basic Education through the Internet’. Chinese Journal of Communication 8(1): 78-94.


Schlæger, Jesper and Jiang, Min. 2014. ‘Official Microblogging and Social Management by Local Governments in China’. China Information 28(2): 189-213.


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Schlæger, Jesper and Blaxekjær, Lau. 2008. ‘Lean i Japan: New Public Management og lean i offentlig forvaltning [Lean in Japan: New Public Management and Lean in public administration]’, Politik 11(1): (with Blaxekjær, L.) (in Danish).


Book chapters – peer reviewed

Schlæger, Jesper. Forthcoming. ‘Collaboration in China’s E-Government: A Cultural-Theory Analysis’ in Yijia Jing (ed.) China’s Road to Collaboration. Palgrave.


Schlæger, Jesper. 2014. ‘Digital monitoring and public administrative reform in China’, in Brødsgaard, K. E. (ed.) Globalization and Public Sector Reform in China. London: Routledge, p. 34-76.


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Schlæger, Jesper. 2013. ‘Xibu dianzi zhengwu pinglun: jin yi bu tuidong dianzi canyu [Western China E-government Development Review: Enhancing e-participation]’. In Luo, Z. (ed.) 2012 Xibu fazhan pinglun [Western China Development Review 2012]. Chengdu: Sichuan University Press.


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Schlæger, Jesper. 2010. ‘E-hallinto kiinassa: parempaa palvelua internetin ja kännykän avulla (E-governance in China: Better Service through Internet and Mobile Phones)’. In Kiinan miljoonakaupungit − Hallinto, liike-elämä ja elinympäristö muutoksessa. Ed. Outi Luova. Helsinki: Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press (p. 101-121) (In Finnish).


Edited volumes

Schlæger, Jesper (ed.). 2012. Digital forvaltning [E-government]. Politik 15(3).


Strandsbjerg, Jeppe, Schlæger, Jesper and Gad, Ulrik Pram (eds). 2011. Arktis: suveræniteter, styring, geopolitik [The Arctic: sovereignities, governance, geo-politics], Politik 14(1).



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